Annual and Sustainability Report | 2019
Montenegro (RS)

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In 2019, Seara consolidated its business strategy, based on innovation, quality, customer service and relationships. In the area of innovation, for example, over 187 products were launched, including some in brand new lines such as Organic Chicken, Seara Nature and Incrível Seara (with plant-based protein products), in addition to expanding existing ranges, like Seara Gourmet. The Incredible Seara range, released at the same time in three countries, was Seara’s first international launch.

The year also marked the launch of Seara’s first promotion in five years, called Home with Seara, aimed at retailers and consumers. Another innovation, Seara Top Grade Butcher Channel, was implemented at over 250 stores at the end of its first year at Seara. 

These achievements are reflected in the brand’s value, which saw higher regular consumption (72%), preference (up three-fold since 2015), share of shelf, home penetration (77%), repurchase rate (74%) and recall: Seara is now the second ranked Top of Mind brand in its sector. In relation to quality, customer complaints were down by 20%, on Brazilian and foreign markets.

On the foreign market, the success of the DaGranja range (100% natural) in the Middle East has opened the doors for exports, which are now also focused on organic, gourmet and the Incredible Seara range.

Partnerships with companies that are already locally consolidated have helped Seara to gain penetration in these markets. One example is an alliance with Carrefour to expand the Company’s online offerings to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Seara products are now also available at the online Carrefour store, where consumers can conveniently purchase a wide range of products that include whole chickens and chicken parts, in addition to prepared items, with just the click of a button.

On the Brazilian market, Seara purchased a plant in Seberi (RS) in order to boost its pork processing capacity. Another business acquired was the Frigorífico Marba (SP). as part of the Company’s strategy to expand into products with higher added value and established brands on the market. Also worth noting is expanded production of Nhô Bento free-range chickens, a higher number of farms using environmental enrichment (techniques that raise animal comfort in an environment) and start-up on organic chicken production at Nova Veneza (SC).

In the area of research and development, Seara is committed to investing 1% to 2% of its annual revenue. Projects developed by the Company allow for advancements in animal welfare and sustainability, while traceability projects are preparing to use blockchain technology. 

In another line of action, the Super Agro project is bringing technology to the rural sector, providing updates to aviaries and to farms raising hogs and automation to improve performance and quality of life for integrated producers, in addition to recognizing good practices. 

Awards and recognition

Whow! Innovation Award:
Awarded as the most innovative company in the ‘Food’ category. The second edition of the award, organized by the Padrão Group and the Padrão Intelligence Center, is aimed at identifying and recognizing companies and institutions that produce consistent, incremental and disruptive innovations, based on a focus on generating new ideas to benefit the population, economy and society. The brand’s innovations in the sector related to packaging, marketing position and merchandising, as well as sustainability, were considered in the award, since Seara Alimentos was the world’s first company to be certified by the World Health Organization, a testament to food biosafety. Some recent innovations made direct contributions to this achievement: Seara Nature, Seara Organic Chickens and the Incredible Burger Seara Gourmet.

Embanews Award 2019:
Seara won five awards at the biggest awards ceremony in Brazil’s packaging industry. The exclusive “Power Vac” technologies in the Seara Rotisserie range and the “Heats Evenly” tray in the Lasagnas range were responsible for these recognitions, which reinforced the brands commitment to quality and to innovation.

Category: Marketing
Sub-category: Packaging-Based Product Line Differential
Product: Seara Lasagna with “Heats Evenly” technology

Category: Technology & quality
Sub-category: Packaging production process technique
Product: Seara Lasagna with “Heats Evenly” technology

Category: Technology & quality
Sub-category: Inter-related packaging process technique
Product: Rotisserie Line – Prepared Refrigerated Dishes

Category: Innovation
Product: Rotisserie Range – Prepared Refrigerated Dishes
Customer of the Year, with the Seara brand: end user, packaging user of the year.

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