Annual and Sustainability Report | 2019
Ipumirim (SC)

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Social responsibility

Community relations

In its relationships with the communities in which it operates, Seara follows the practices established by JBS; in other words, it understands that its social responsibility actions should be focused on developing local manpower, on supporting education, particularly professional training, on sponsoring projects compatible with the Company’s priorities, on encouraging volunteering by its team members or, furthermore, on making direct investments towards the community.

Seara aims to monitor and share actions at JBS Brasil, taking advantage of the synergy between companies and the similarity between strategies and challenges.

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Patricia Locatelli Baron
HR Manager in Ipumirim (SC)

In the city of Ipumirim

JBS received Corporate Citizen certification for two consecutive years, in 2018 and 2019. This program is part of the Novos Caminhos (New Paths) Program, benefiting minors living in shelters. In addition to taking classes at Senai, 2 or 3 days a week, they work at the Company on other days. In the project, they have theoretical and practical classes, in education as well as music, geared more toward routine day-to-day activities.”

Occupational Health and Safety

The health and safety of its team members, partners, suppliers and stakeholders is a priority at Seara. The Company applies the principles and standards used by JBS Brasil.

Tools like the Health and Safety Dialogs, behavioral audits, events and training are used to continually enhance performance and each person’s commitment to preserving the physical and mental integrity of all stakeholders. 

Actions to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses have resulted in 28% fewer Seara team members with leave registered with the Social Security system for these reasons, based on data for 2019 compared to 2018. 

To learn more about health and safety management at JBS and Seara’s performance in this topic, see Sustainability/Health and Safety.

The efforts, policies and procedures adopted by JBS in Brazil are equivalent to those adopted by Seara, since corporate guidelines are the same for all Group companies in Brazil. The investments of around R$ 169.7 million reported by JBS in Brazil also extend to Seara units. 

Robison Raniere Martins
Corporate Occupational Health and Safety Manager at Seara

Within the Seara business,

one highlight is the campaigns to raise awareness that we carry out along with all of our team members. We have a timeline that all of the units follow to get organized: we schedule meetings, during an entire week, doing countless activities, with involvement, interaction, learning and training. It's a time for us to pass along a very strong message of health and safety to our team members, so that they not only practice this at our units, but are also able to take this beyond our plants and to their homes."

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