Annual and Sustainability Report | 2019
Safe distancing

A global food company

Covid-19 and
the JBS mission

In early 2020, humanity began to face the Covid-19 pandemic, possibly the greatest global challenge in recent decades. Committed to its mission of feeding people around the world, JBS took measures to protect the health of its team members, while at the same time adopting a rigorous disease control and prevention protocol at its units to keep operations running.

Procedures were defined according to healthy agencies and according to protocols defined by the Ministries of Agriculture, Health and Labor, in addition to standards in effect at the state and municipal levels. Additionally, the Company contracted specialized medical consulting from Hospital Albert Einstein, a reference in Brazilian medicine, which has provided support for constant enhancement of the measures the Company has implemented at its units and other facilities. 


Notable among actions included in the protocol adopted by JBS are:

  • Risk Group – Leave granted to all team members belonging to risk groups – those aged 60 and over, pregnant women and people with a medical condition. Team members showing signs of a cold, those with a medical recommendation and those who have tested positive for Covid-19 should also be granted leave. In all cases, team members’ benefits are guaranteed and they receive care and comprehensive assistance from the Company.
  • Information and awareness – Clear and permanent communication using audiovisual media, murals, internal radio and media outside of the factory environment, with campaigns to raise awareness on this topic, including: guidance on prevention measures adopted by the Company, such as correct hand cleaning and use of hand sanitizer, mandatory mask use, social distancing, PPE use and others. 
  • Transportation – Expansion of the bus and van fleets that carry team members and sanitation and disinfection of vehicles in the periods between trips, assigned seating and other control measures.
  • Control – Control of everyone’s temperature and hand cleaning upon accessing the plants and during production shift breaks, with an abundant supply of soaps, sanitizers and hand sanitizer for all employees. The Company has also started free H1N1 vaccination for all team members.
  • Sanitation – Daily disinfection of all facilities (internal and external).
  • Distancing – Application of rules and clear signage to prevent agglomerations and promote safe distancing among team members. Demarcation and spacing, with controlled access at gates, in locker rooms, in leisure areas and in other areas.
  • Cafeterias and breaks – Creation of new routines and alternating times, implementing distancing rules, installing dividers and visual signage, and requiring the use of masks until meals begin. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Implementation of new protective equipment, such as ninja-style masks, acrylic face-shields and fabric masks in the administrative area. Mask use is required by everyone in all Company areas.  
  • Other measures – Creation of emergency protocols for any team member showing symptoms. In the event that a team member tests positive for Covid-19, the Company will provide immediate care and comprehensive follow-up for the team member and their family until they recover. During this time, according to health agency guidelines, the team member will be placed on leave and will only return pending medical/clinical approval. Full disinfection and additional sanitation of common areas and the location where the team member works are also part of the Company’s protocol, along with comprehensive monitoring of team members.

In addition to the top priority of its team members’ health, JBS is fully dedicated to supporting the fight against the coronavirus and will donate R$ 700 million exclusively for use against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Brazil, this plan stipulates donation of R$ 400 million in three areas: public health, social care and support for science and technology. These funds will go toward directly benefiting 162 municipalities and 17 states with donations of masks, personal protective equipment, food kits, ICU beds, construction of hospitals and more. Special committees have been created to validate the projects and resources to be delivered within the various spheres of the project, containing independent members who are specialists in their areas of action.

Abroad, JBS will earmark R$ 300 million for local communities, mostly in the United States, to support food assistance and critical infrastructure, such as supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) for paramedics, as well as for efforts to combat COVID-19.

The company has been carrying out other actions since the start of the pandemic through “Good Deeds Are Good”, its nationwide Social Responsibility program. JBS sent 200 metric tons of products – including food and hygiene and cleaning items – to hundreds of organizations, hospitals and communities in over 100 municipalities in Brazil. The Company also delivers protective materials and uniforms to the different locations where it maintains operations, in addition to having produced and donated another 2 million bars of soap to homes for the elderly, institutions supporting vulnerable populations and hospitals.

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