Annual and Sustainability Report | 2019
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JBS is a Company made of people, and focused on developing its team members, in the different locations where it operates. That is why the Company works tirelessly to promote workplace health, safety and welfare for its entire team, offering equal opportunities to all and continuously investing to develop its talents and leadership. The Company moreover strives to hire, retain and develop professionals who are dedicated to operational excellence and identify with the Company’s mission. At the end of 2019, JBS had over 240,000 team members in 15 countries.

Promoting development of human capital is a major goal at JBS. With this in mind, the Human Resources area works regionally, following local laws and norms, with the support of Corporate HR. In addition to working to attract the best talent in the market, maintaining the highest standards of career selection and development within the Company is also a managerial guideline at JBS. Operations are quite diverse, spread across five continents, adherence by everyone to the Corporate Culture is the foundation for the success of the Company’s businesses.

To uphold corporate governance in adopting policies and procedures as well as in developing macro strategies, the HR area revises people management policies and programs on an annual basis, along with the key indicators of health and safety, turnover, absenteeism and overtime. This allows the Company to make necessary adjustments and guarantee that health, safety and working conditions for team members implemented according to the high standards adopted by the Company.

JBS remains committed to hiring regardless of race, religion, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or age, including people with disabilities. The same principle applies to training talent and to team member career development and promotion.

The Company believes in the value of dialog between managers and teams, and fosters interpersonal relationships. In the USA, JBS has an Open Door Policy, encouraging team members to talk to supervisors or the HR area about any problems affecting the workplace in general. This policy allows for identification of work-related issues, such as compensation and benefits, working hours, safety and relationships with leaders.

In Brazil, 845 team members work in the corporate and approximately 128 thousand work in the business units. In the Brazilian operation, the Company saw lower rates of absenteeism and turnover. Absenteeism was at 2.48% versus 2.62% in 2018, with turnover at 21.38% versus 22.07%. Moreover, 90% of team members in Brazil were covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Sol Emília and Sixto José
Venezuelan refugees and team members at Dourados (MS) unit

We've been in Brazil since the end of 2018.

From the first time we came to the plant, everyone told us: ‘come here,’ ‘let's do this,’ ‘let's eat dinner together.’ In this short time we've been working here, I think a family has been born at JBS: it is made up of Brazilians, Venezuelans and Haitians."


Diversity is very important at the Company, given that its success depends on the collective skills, backgrounds and experiences of its team members. The Company values variety in backgrounds, languages and cultures, which is why it promotes diversity and inclusion at all of its plants and offices, aimed at creating a reliable, pleasant and productive workplace.

There are 120 different nationalities among the 2,500 team members at JBS in Canada. As the largest employer in the city of Brooks, Alberta, the Company absorbs professionals from around the world: around 60 different languages are spoken at this unit alone.

In an effort to ensure a sense of unity and promote a multidisciplinary environment, the Company develops communications covering a wide range of topics, including benefits, safety and training, in a variety of languages and dialects. Furthermore, each facility provides unlimited access to Language Lines, available in over 200 languages, providing access to clear communication between everyone.

In Brazil, JBS employs team members from various countries, such as Senegal, Haiti and Venezuela. JBS in Brazil has a training program for people with disabilities, contributing to their placement in operations as well as in the job market.

A Company initiative maintains 12 schools in 11 cities, where people with disabilities are recruited, trained and given opportunities. In 2019, 150 professionals were trained. JBS currently has around 2,000 people with disabilities on staff in Brazil.

Fernanda Silva
HR Manager in Itumbiara (GO)

The project has a very positive impact

on the lives of participants and their families. Because someone with a disability has a physical, mental, intelectual or sensory impairment, which oftentimes comes along with other issues, this causes difficulties for them to be inserted in society. The Project is here to say otherwise: that people can have a job, can be part of society and can Interact with others."

JBS Without Borders

In an effort to value the specialized work done by deboners, the program offers Friboi team members the chance to work at the JBS Canada unit, in the city of Brooks. There are a multitude of advantages in this project: the Company’s global position is reinforced and opportunities are created along with international experience, retention and sharing of knowledge between team members.

The 5th edition of JBS Without Borders was held in 2019, and for the first time, Seara team members also took part in the selection process. In October 2019, 16 team members were approved to work in Canada. JBS provides support to team members during the entire process of immigrating to a new country, in addition to a benefits package that includes housing and local support with English classes. With the success of this initiative, the program has been expanding in recent years. For 2020, the Company aims to also open positions at the supervisory level.

Alex Batista
General Foreman at JBS Canada and a participant in JBS Without Frontiers

I've been in Canada for three and a half years.

I started as a deboner and was promoted to monitor and then supervisor. In January 2020, I began to work in my new position as General Foreman. I was in the first JBS Without Borders group and everything was very new, but I had the support I needed from the Recruitment team and from people in other departments, who were even willing to help me on weekends."

Among those selected in 2019 was Mahamadou Sissoko, a native of Mali, Africa. At just 27 years old, the single father worked at Seara, in Brazil, over five years. He came to the Ipumirim (SC) unit in 2015, and has consistently served as an example of determination, humility, simplicity, an attitude of ownership, discipline and interpersonal relations. When he started working at the Brazilian unit, he helped out with different activities, including translating, since he is able to speak five languages.

I've been in Canada since September 2019

and I work in in the deboning section. When I left my country to live in Brazil, I really loved it and was planning to bring my Family to live there. But after four and a half years, I heard about the JBS Without Frontiers program. Coming to Canada will help me to develop other talents."

Mahamadou Sissoko
Deboner at JBS Canada and a participant in JBS
Without Borders


Headquarters in São Paulo (SP)


With the goal of investing in developing qualified technical manpower for the business and of these young people working as specialists or in an entry-level leadership role, JBS has developed the Valued Youth program in Brazil.

Governed by the Company’s values, Valued Youth provides learning opportunities based on practical activities. In 2019, the Company expanded the program to those obtaining degrees in Engineering to work at Friboi. Out of the 27 young people hired, 26 are currently leaders or specialists.

This program uses on-the-job training and is accompanied by a project of improvements, shared supervision, technical training provided according to the area’s needs and personnel management workshops

The Company also promotes the inhouse talent program in Brazil. Its aim is to select operational staff members and develop supervisors for the maintenance, production, transportation and logistics business units. There are currently 318 team members who have gone through the program: 181 are active as supervisors and 37 team members are undergoing development in the program. In 2019, 55 spots were opened, with 37 internal team members hired at the end of the sixmonth period.


Camila Gulla – Quality Assurance Supervisor

People development programs at JBS

In 2019, JBS trained a total of 137,165 people, up by 11% year-over-year.


A JBS USA program dedicated to gathering company executives for intensive learning on topics geared toward leadership. The program provides opportunities for executives and leaders from different JBS businesses to exchange good practices and to gain knowledge on the Company’s business units.


An initiative of JBS Couros to develop leaders in Brazil on themes of people management with a focus on the challenges at JBS. Modules are held with an in-house multiplier team, using the synergy between the HR departments at the different business units. In 2019, 16 topics were developed, with a total of 850 people trained.


A distance learning platform that offers various career development tracks, discussing topics related to leadership, operational and administrative activities. Available to all Seara team members.


A development program for Seara Quality staff, aimed at: assuring up-to-date technical knowledge; developing multipliers, in an effort to harmonize concepts and fundamentals; and providing training to support Quality Assurance – “Know what you do and what really needs to be done”. A total of 157 professionals were trained in 2019.


A program geared toward selecting and developing attorneys to work in the labor area at JBS in Brazil. The program is open to lawyers who have recently graduated in the last two years. Training, which lasts 90 days and takes place at JBS headquarters in São Paulo, consists of theoretical and practical portions and covers behavioral, technical and legal topics. Since 2016, 32 attorneys have gone through the course. The program is currently developed at 11 group units.


Aimed at developing young Brazilians to work as specialists or in entry-level leadership positions in engineering and labor law areas, the program offers technical training, shared supervision and project development. The initiative includes the online Valued Youth plataform and a Facebook profile. The Company currently has 32 labor attorneys and 26 young leaders and engineering specialists who have gone through the program.


With its industrial focus, the program recruits young people who have graduated in the last two years with the potential to serve as leaders, capable of managing processes and teams at different JBS business units in Brazil. The selection process is done by plants, in the places where they are located.


The 8-year-old program develops Company professionals to undertake supervisory positions in the Production, Maintenance, Logistics and Transportation areas. JBS currently has 318 team members who have gone through the program. In 2019, 37 inhouse talents were placed in positions after completing the six-month training program.


A JBS USA internship program in the United States, offering university students the chance to gain practical industry experience and develop leadership skills. It is held over 10 weeks in the summer, with approximately 150 participants, using practical learning and projects that provide relevant workplace experience, while also helping to identify future leaders at JBS.


A 12-month program to identify and develop future leaders by having recent graduates rotate through Company operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The goal is to contribute to developing their knowledge and abilities in the leadership, process management and people management areas.


Created to identify production team members who possess leadership skills, offering them the tools they need to accelerate their careers at JBS. The program includes a four-month training rotation at a JBS US A facility, training on leadership skills and the opportunity to meet and learn from other leaders across the Company.


This includes six different programs for JBS USA leaders, broken down into different profiles – leaders with high potential, mid-level managers, production supervisors, and managers who have been recently promoted or hired.


A professional development program aimed at team members who have leadership skills. After they are mapped, these team members undergo a six-month training rotation at a JBS USA plant, in preparation to take on management positions.


Supplementary online training courses offered by JBS USA to any team member interested in improving their skills, in areas that include Cross-Generational Communications, Responsibility and Ownership, and Creating Engaged Teams.


This program provides specific training for all frontline JBS USA supervisors in four sessions held throughout the year, focused on practical leadership techniques and team management tools. Topics include building trust and respect, the cost of turnover, responsibility, delegation and prioritization, communication and information sharing.


Leadership Fundamentals is a new manager training program designed for team members who have been recently promoted or hired by the Company. This one-day program is held eight times a year, offering new leaders exposure to the values, mission and beliefs of JBS USA, in addition to basic leadership skills, such as effective team communication, delegation and performance management.


A program created in 2018 for team members in corporate positions at JBS US A, to meet their personal and professional needs.

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